I Have Sock!

I successfully finished my very first sock! I began it about a month ago but I did procrastinate at certain portions, mainly before the heel and before the toe. That was just my ego coming out to visit as I didn’t want to try those bits in case I had difficulty. It’s amazing how much neurosis can come into play lol! But I conquered the sock and may now begin a true love affair with these knitted treats!

For this single sock (and yes, it is remaining a single sock as it was strictly for learning purposes) I used the top down sock chumtorial on the Lime & Violet site. I then (as per recommendation in the chumtorial) used the kitchener stitch grafting tutorial on the Knitty site to close up the toe. I will be trying toe-up construction for my first two pairs of socks which will be for the lovely Ms. Shells and wonderful Mr. Nickbee as a much deserved thank you for the swift that I am continuing to go on and on about lol! Please cross your fingers and send good knitting vibes my way so that I may construct something remotely wearable for these two fantastic people!

And now I shall inundate you with pictures of the entire process of the sock construction as I was entirely fascinated watching it come together from an engineering perspective. The coloured backgrounds in the pics are the backs of some of the quilts I have made but ignore the stubby foot near the end! Please cue the sappy life story montage music:










~ by savasana on March 30, 2008.

7 Responses to “I Have Sock!”

  1. I was very concerned at picture 6 that your sock was letting part of your foot fall out. Then I was calm again with picture 7.

    Cool- er- warm sock Sav! šŸ™‚

  2. LOL!! I still can’t believe I actually put my stubby toes on the intarwebs!! And I want your foot size lady!

  3. I failed to mention something about picture #4 earlier…it looks suspiciously like um, well…a mick ditten…or at least the holder for what hangs under the mick. *GASP*

    And I hope you know I’m not making fun of your sock parts. Just disassembled they look suspect. šŸ˜‰

  4. LMAO!!! I will never look at another sock heel without giggling ever again!! Good to know that I could make one should the need ever arise lol!!

  5. What a delicious sock!! It looks great. You shall definitely have to make more.

  6. Lovely sock you’ve got there, Sav! šŸ™‚

  7. Anything to cover up these feet ROFL!!!

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