Love At First Spin

I am thoroughly in love with my swift and it was only intensified by the addition today of my brand new ball winder! I truly don’t know how I lived without them in my life! I’ve heard folks say that before and I doubted them; I thought they were being mildly melodramatic. I now completely understand! I want to spread the love that is the swift and ball winder combo!

Ball Winder & Swift

I accomplished so very much all in the span of an hour. The yarn I wound tonight in that hour would have taken me a minimum of eight hours without these tools and very likely much longer than that. Not to mention how much more enjoyable the tools were to use! I love the yarn cakes that are the result as well.

Yarn Cakes

I am very happy to cross the swift and ball winder off of my list of 101 Things in 1001 days. Not on the list but also acquired with the ball winder…..some Harmony needles! I needed a set of circulars in size six with a 40″ cable for the Mystic Light KAL that I’m about to start as well as some size one dpns for socks I’ll be making for Shells and Nickbee as a thank you for the swift. But I’m afraid I’m getting ahead of myself here lol! So very much to blog about! Here is a close-up pic of the size six needles as the wood is so incredibly beautiful:

Harmony Needles Close-up

I am going to adore knitting with these just from the blast of colour alone!


~ by savasana on March 26, 2008.

6 Responses to “Love At First Spin”

  1. What can be better than wood and cakies!?!?!

    Let’s see if I can identify the yarn.
    I spy with my own little eye,
    something green!
    3 balls of Koigu.
    Then I see some Lornas Laces in georgetown and…erm…can’t remember the manly color. Is that the manly LL color? Looks sort of brown from here. And some fiesta ballet perhaps????

    You are going to lurve those harmonies. They make your knitting move right along.

  2. I LOVE wood and cakies!! You are so right on all of them!! The manly LL is Pewter (and yeah, it does have a hint of a brown tone in certain light 😦 ). I already love the needles too…..the set is going on my Christmas wish list for sure! I must say as well that I had far too much fun caking those skeins of yarn too…..I’m definitely a knitting geek lol!

  3. *is jealous*! I have the ball winder (or, rather, MotherMe has it right now) but no swift. And not a single pair of needles that are so very, very purdy!

    Must now consult all of my favorite online knitting stores for those lurvely needles.


  4. I am soooo coveting all your yarny lovelies!! ~Jen

  5. The needles are only at I believe and I highly recommend them!! They are the Harmony Options so you can interchange the tips and cables of any of the sizes. They also come in fixed circulars as well. I bought Harmony dpns for socks also but they were too small to show up in the picture.

    As for coveting….I pet them frequently….so I understand….

  6. ooooohhhhhhhh you are such a baller! Like in the rap songs! Glad the swift is getting good use and is being petted frequently. Pics look great. Keep them coming!

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