Clearly I Have the Best Friends in the World.

I have friends that go above and beyond on a daily basis. They listen when I need them to, they make me laugh, they teach me so much, they entertain, they encourage and offer amazing advice and sympathize and share. Well two of them went entirely above and beyond even all of that awesomeness and dipped into the realm of things I do not deserve!

Shells is a knitter/spinner artista, Nickbee is a woodworker extraordinaire and together they conspired to build and ship me my very own swift!! They even kept this secret for a couple of months despite it being lost in the mail and visiting several states lol! It is GORGEOUS! I have been avidly following Nickbee’s woodworking since he first began building Shells’ swift and as amazing as it looks in the pictures, nothing compares to seeing his pieces in person. He truly has a gift. How lucky am I? I can’t even express it in words! How kind are these two? Again, the words I know are not big enough, not deep enough to explain.

No more winding up yarn from hanks stretched around my feet!! Hooray!

Here are some pictures but they barely express how amazing it it…..the wood is so smooth….not a single flaw……and you can see the precision of each cut…..utterly fantastic!:


The swift is made of poplar and has a wonderful tinge of green (that doesn’t show in the light of the pictures) that I just love!

More Swift!

It is perfect for hanks of Koigu KPPPM (which is fantastic as I have several hanks that I have been avoiding winding.

Swift Again!

This is just the beginning! Oh the hanks I shall wind!

I cannot thank the pair of you enough! *big hugs*


~ by savasana on March 1, 2008.

4 Responses to “Clearly I Have the Best Friends in the World.”

  1. You do indeed deserve it, because all those qualities you described in your friends, you also have. It has been a total blast surprising you with that swift, even if it did manage to keep us guessing for well over a month! I will post the story of its journey on my blog at some point.

  2. Those photos look great! keep them coming! And I’m glad you will be putting it to good use! And you are very welcome!!!!! Now go ball some yarn!

  3. It’s lovely, Sav! You definitely deserve such a wonderful surprise! =)

  4. That’s such an awesome present. You really do deserve it.

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