Wilson, my bestest buddy, I love you.

My dog Wilson, the most loving, stubborn, gentle, hilarious, emotional, cranky, princess-y, beautiful, intelligent, snore-y, incredible dog I have ever known, died today. We found out just last week that he had cancer (a form that couldn’t be treated) but that he wasn’t suffering yet. Thought maybe there would be another month or two with him. We had to make the decision to put him down today though as his health decreased incredibly rapidly. I’m still in shock.

I would like to update this with memories and more pictures of him later; I just can’t right now. This one was from this past summer at Port Burwell on Lake Erie. He loves the water….and sticks logs of course.



~ by savasana on February 25, 2008.

7 Responses to “Wilson, my bestest buddy, I love you.”

  1. I’m sorry Sav. He looks like an incredible fellow. I’m sure he felt honored to have you for his family. Much love to you, dear friend. (hugs)

  2. Oh Sav, I am so sorry! He is just beautiful, I am sorry you and your family have to go through this! *hugs*

  3. Thanks guys *sniffle*. I’ve realized the reality of having dogs, or any type of pets for that matter, is that they become an integral part of the family and when you get to a point where you can hardly remember life without them, and you certainly can’t imagine your life without them, you suddenly have to face life as just that: life without them. Damn it I love that dog. 😦

  4. I only met the smelly love mooch once, and I have to say I miss him too. You know my heart is with you.

  5. Aw, Sav, I’m sorry you lost such a lovely little guy! *GIANT HUGS*

  6. I just saw this… I’m so sorry! I know how dogs can be part of the family. sucks!!!! Hang in there kido!

  7. It’s belated, but big *HUGS*, honey. When our fuzzy babies move on to that big field in the sky, it leaves such a hole in our hearts! He looks like he was a wonderful guy, and I know you’ll always treasure memories of him.


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