I’ve Been A Little Distracted Of Late…

And yes, the knitting has suffered as well! I’ve met someone (F) you see….someone pretty bloody fantastic actually.I truly didn’t think men like him even existed. Chicas, they do, I know that now, so don’t ever settle for anything less than what you truly want. I was so convinced they didn’t exist (based on observations over many years of friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers etc.) that I was fully prepared to be alone permanently. I had stopped looking, I had even stopped wanting to look.Something happened this year however that allowed me to realize I really do want to share my life with someone if the opportunity presented itself, thusly I opened myself up to finding the right person. I’ve been hurt along the way as I am of a more sensitive persuasion than perhaps the average person, but I have had some great coaches as well. Thank you Shells! Thank you Snigs!

After some adventures I have found someone that has real true potential and it has been amazing thus far. Just when I feel as though it couldn’t possibly get any better it actually does. F is perhaps the kindest, most open and honest, compassionate, sweetest, affectionate man I have ever encountered. He happens to be intelligent, hilarious and handsome on top of everything! And so much more as well but I don’t want to gush lol! I have never been treated so well by anyone. Suffice it to say that F just might stand for effing fantastic. Well that and his name of course :-P.

We spent a spectacular weekend in Niagara Falls, the highlight aside from the company being the Butterfly Conservatory that everyone should absolutely experience at some point. It is surreal; you spend the first twenty feet of the pathway through a tropical paradise trying to adjust to the fact that you are being dive-bombed by some of the most delicate and beautiful creatures on the planet. Despite the initial feeling that you are going to trample and crumple them with every movement, you quickly settle in and realize that they are everywhere and you can’t look around without being amazed. Some are camouflaged ingeniously, others are vibrant and vivaciously coloured……all are fascinating. They do however move incredibly quickly so one must be prepared to have a tired camera finger and the patience to comb through many pictures where the butterflies were long gone by the time your reflexes kicked in and took a picture. Here are my favourites:

This is the Owl Butterfly.

Owl Butterfly

But more amazingly this is what the interior wing of the Owl Butterfly looks like.

Owl Butterfly Interior


Oh and uh…we did actually see the falls as well lol!

falls.jpg falls2.jpgpotofgold.jpg


We have both since agreed that the weekend we spent together couldn’t have possibly been any more fantastic. We squeezed every last second we could out of it only finally leaving the city in opposite directions at the latest possible moment with plans already developing for the next time we could get together. And that happens to be this weekend coming up, also F’s birthday! We have both taken a bit of time off of work to extend our time together. I will be heading south to see him for the first few days and he will be making the northern climb for the last couple in order to meet my family as well.

I must admit folks that this month or two has been quite a challenge for me. He is a giver (remember how I was given the advice of finding a giver like myself?) and I’m not used to receiving at all. I’ve been the designated giver that is perpetually taken advantage of……but not so in this case and it is definitely different! There is quite a learning curve for me in this area because he has so very much to give and I want to give so much in return. He amazes me every day with who he is as a human being and I am ever so thankful that I met him.



~ by savasana on February 3, 2008.

7 Responses to “I’ve Been A Little Distracted Of Late…”

  1. I love the butterfly pics! And congrats on finding someone who truly thrills you. How different life is from one year ago huh?

  2. Yayayayay! I always said you rocked. 😉

  3. Awwww, congrats, Sav! 😀

    Those butterflies are gorgeous!

  4. Congratulations!!!

  5. I duno. His face looks all squished and stuff.

  6. Well Mr. Shuew, that is what his face looks like while it is being pelted with ice from the falls on the coldest weekend of the entire year :-P. He didn’t have all that crazy hair to help shield him now did he? Of course, if you think it is that bad I can always knit him a ski mask to cover up when we’re in public :-D!

  7. excelent suggestion!

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