Happy New Year!!

I have had a big year; much good and some bad, but I must say that it has ended on a very high note with much promise for the year to come including promotion prospects, relationship prospects, and a new niece or nephew in just a few short months. Just the way it should be really!

2007 saw much more responsibility given to me at work as well as acknowledgment and appreciation for the effort I put in there, a re-learning of a craft that I have simply fallen in love with, a realization that I do want to share my life with someone and some amazing possibilities in that area on the horizon, the beginning of new and growth of old friendships that I can see lasting for a very, very long time, the purchase of my first car and I did it entirely on my own, I’m well on my way to saving to purchase my own home, some new jams came into my life, I’m on my way to losing weight and being in shape, and best of all I feel as though I know myself and what I want better than ever before. Despite some hardships mixed in there along the way, I couldn’t ask for anything more. I just feel exceptionally fortunate.

I had a lovely Christmas with much family and excitement. It went by terribly quickly as I had little time off but I enjoyed every bit of it and spent as much time in my jams as is utterly possible. On a horribly selfish note, a highlight was a super awesome digital camera that my sisters and brother-in-law went in on together for me! This means yarn pr0n any old time I want lol!! I can’t even tell you how many pictures I’ve taken so it is a good thing that my mom picked up an extra memory stick!

Speaking of Mom, part of my present to her was for her to pick out all the ingredients to make her a scarf. She chose Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk yarn and a feather and fan scarf that will have a keyhole to tuck one end of the scarf through the other side. It is a deliciously soft chunky yarn and is coming together quite quickly.

Mom’s Scarf

It would be going even faster if I wasn’t also mildly obsessed with my Central Park Hoodie lol!! This is the ribbing completed at the bottom of the back:

Central Park Hoodie

And oh isn’t the colour delicious?!

Hoodie Closeup

On a side note, the bag in the background is a knitting bag I got for my birthday. Are you sensing a colour theme yet lol? That bag is trucked around with me absolutely everywhere, much to the disdain of my those around me and much to the mocking of my co-workers. But I’m tough, I can take it! They just don’t understand the fabulous feeling of making something by hand, the meditative and soothing aspect of knitting, and the addictive quality of yarn! Speaking of all of that, I’m off to start the main pattern….including the cables, hooray!

P.S. Don’t worry Shells, the knitting meme is coming!


~ by savasana on January 1, 2008.

5 Responses to “Happy New Year!!”

  1. The knitting bag is lovely! I have many knitting bags but none so sexy I assure you!

    Central park hoodie is coming right along, can’t wait to hear how the pattern goes.

    And your moms scarf? I can almost feel it!

  2. ooohhhhhhh Boyz in the hoodie is looking good!

  3. ‘…and a new niece or nephew in just a few short months. Just the way it should be really!’

    You mean you want a new niece or nephew every New Year?

    Anyway, sound like life is treating you well – long may it continue. 🙂

  4. Pardon and forgive me but…

    You have been chosen to carry on the fine blog tradition of sharing weird things about yourself. 7 to be exact.
    See my blog for further details and thank you for your support.

  5. Thanks for noting the mistake on my pattern, I corrected it on the blog, found your comment through Ravelry.

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