Snow. Yeah, That’s Right, I Said It!

We had our first snowfall here yesterday. It was actually quite fantastic. I love the snow in November and December; it only becomes troublesome January through March. We are still very much pre-ice and slush (many of the leaves on the trees haven’t even changed colour let alone fallen!) so I am able to embrace the snow whole-heartedly. I’ll become bitter about it later, don’t worry!

With winter truly on its way….I had better hurry up on the scarf I started tonight (the fuzz is the aplaca-y awesomeness)…..

Sav’s Bias Scarf


~ by savasana on November 8, 2007.

3 Responses to “Snow. Yeah, That’s Right, I Said It!”

  1. I love snow……….’till like March.

  2. I get tired of it by Feb/March when it is all dirty and the city roads are just mushy. Bleh. Now up north, THOSE are great winters!! It is so cold that slush doesn’t exist! The winters are just too mild here for my taste.

  3. OMG woman, you are not having ANY trouble with that pattern now are you!!??

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