Help. Me.

With the amount that I have spent on wool, which I can’t even wear by the way, I could have purchased my own bloody sheep!!

I had a lovely day out with friends yesterday and part of it was a bit of a shopping extravaganza which involved bringing them to my favourite yarn shop for the first time. I was thinking that they needed to share in my addiction, they needed to experience what I would go on and on about with glassy eyes, describing the walls filled with the most luscious colours. I wasn’t going to buy anything however as I had already treated myself this week. I was strictly going to encourage them and nothing more. Was I ever wrong.

Now I would like to say that in no way did I come near spending the most money…..but I did not need another $50 in wool!!! And yet….somehow…..I managed to convince myself that I did need to do just that!

Feast your eyes on some Koigu KFM magnificence!!

Koigu KFM

Koigu KFM

I am going to make a scarf alternating the colours in just a stockinette stitch with perhaps some lacy holes near the ends and then felt it up! There was a sample at the store of just that and it was fantastic!! Have I mentioned that I don’t even own any pink? I don’t do pink people!! What am I thinking? Have I gone entirely mad? Both of these skeins are very out of the box for me but I fell in love with them!  I have no idea what I will wear it with however as my clothing is very much in the earth tone vein, including my olive green jacket.  Does this mean that I will need to purchase more to knit something to wear it with?!  Surely a heroin addiction would be easier to manage…..and may even cost less.


~ by savasana on November 4, 2007.

4 Responses to “Help. Me.”

  1. How did I miss this!?!?!

    I just wanted you to know, I don’t do pink people either 😉

    It really is very beautiful. DO you realize what is happening here? I am trying to destash by sending you some of my goods, but with your ability to buy,your stash is just going to look like mine.

    Sounds like your friends had fun too?

  2. ROFL!!

    At the rate I’m going, I can’t afford to discriminate against pink people anymore!
    And honey, stash me up lol!!!! *jumps up and down*
    As for my friends….I think I created monsters….they certainly won’t be stopping me from yarn purchases as they can’t help themselves either. We may not be able to go yarn shopping together anymore though as we seemed to feed off of each other’s enthusiasm. When I went to the register I only had the greeny-purple skein but somehow the piny-orange one came home with me as well.

  3. It is strange how yarn can just jump up on the counter isn’t it? You should take a trip to Nebraska, we could do a yarn crawl all over here, down into Kansas City (there are quite a few on the way) and even over to Des Moines. Of course we should probably win big in Vegas first huh?

  4. *hurries to renew her passport and sell off her non-wool possessions to buy more wool possessions*

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