101 Things You Likely Didn’t Want to Know About Sav: Final Installment

I must admit, as difficult as it was at times to come up with trivial information, I’m a little sad that this is the final installment of Things You Likely Didn’t Want to Know.  Perhaps that means that I enjoy writing about myself just a little too much!  Well, I am an introvert after all…..(that piece of information is to make up for the fact that I inadvertently used “competitive” twice on previous installments).  If you missed the first three installments you can read them here: first, second, third.

1. I love tomatoes in all forms.  One of my favourite ways to eat them is just sliced fresh from the garden with a bit of s&p.  I also make an excellent tomato sauce.  Delicious!!

2.  I can be extremely shy in certain situations but most people that meet me don’t realize it.

3.  I love movies, all genres, but especially quirky ones.  I have many favourites, far too numerous to begin listing here as they are all for various reasons and I would feel the need to expound on why for each film.

4.  I’m working very hard to get into better shape; one of my goals is to take up a marshal art when I feel as though I’m ready.  I haven’t researched which one would be most suitable but I still have a looonnng time before I will need to decide lol!  I do wonder if it is the draw of the jam-like uniform that has me compelled to take it up….

5.  I adore road trips.  All of the family vacations we took while growing up involved long hours in the car to get somewhere.  The trips to and from the destinations were always one of my favourite parts.  I believe my love of car-singing was born during one of those trips.

6.   My day must start with a fantastic cup of coffee.  I don’t have to have more throughout the day (I will drink tea if available though) but there must be at least one at some point in the morning.

7.  I listed my second greatest fear.  I will not tell you my greatest fear.

8.  I am easily distracted.

9.  If I could have a do-over for the last ten years I would very likely become a paramedic.

10.  I’m fairly certain I fall into the category of “geek”.

11.  I adore the rain, especially thunderstorms.  Definitely snuggling weather.

12.  Did I mention snuggling?  Yes, I love affection.

13.  Ice cream is amazing.  Mmmm…..

14.  While I loathe slush and ice, I love it when it snows, especially at night.  I love going for a walk in the peacefulness of a snowfall.

15.  I spend way more time at my computer than I should.

16.   I always wanted to have a brother.  I do have two sisters though we are all extremely unalike.

17.  I truly cannot understand why you are still reading this blog.  Really.

18.   I absolutely do not dance (note “not graceful” in one of the other installments).  Well…..unless I am fed a great deal of vodka.  And I mean a lot of vodka.  Consequently I do not drink that often.

19.   Unless I make a distinct point of remembering something I have a relatively bad memory.  If I do make a point of remembering something I can remember a great deal of detail.

20.  I love being on the water, especially small lakes.

21.   I try to live by a karmic code; you receive back what you put out in the universe.

22.  There is so much out there that I want to learn that I could fill up three lifetimes.  *sigh*

23.   Homophobia and misogyny make my blood boil.

24.   I have a great deal of patience in many areas….but waiting for surprises, trips, giving gifts to people, and special days are not included.  I become ridiculously excited!

25.  Most of the time I feel like a big kid who is waiting for someone to figure it out and take away my adult pass.  There are definitely times when I wouldn’t mind giving up the adult pass  for a couple of days.  Or weeks.

26.  I long for a grand adventure.

And there you have 101 Things that you both didn’t want nor do you need to know about Sav.  Now push that all back out of your brain so you have room for more important things!


~ by savasana on October 28, 2007.

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