Happy Birthday to Me!!

I’ve had a fantastic day thus far and I will tell more later this evening when all is said and done! Thank you to everyone for their birthday wishes and hugs!


I had a wonderful birthday that involved two dozen roses, mucho money which is always welcome, lovely bamboo, celtic necklace goodness, chocolate deliciousness,  asian adorableness, lavender heavenliness, ….and some new hubcaps for Emily Howard!!!  She is a lady after all and it has been very very hard on her to be undressed!

All of that doesn’t even include the most amazing birthday thread at the Sporum, all for me!  Love you guys!

I also treated myself to two amazing pairs of jam pants….and they were even 60% off.  Damn I love jams!


~ by savasana on October 25, 2007.

3 Responses to “Happy Birthday to Me!!”

  1. Already said it on the Sporum, but I felt like saying it again:

    All Savs Rock!

  2. Slightly late, I suppose, but happy birthday.

    Jam pants … that sounds sticky and rather sexual. Do you get someone to lick them off? I think it’s some North American thing that I don’t understand.

  3. *sputter*…um…heh….wellll…

    I can’t say that I have used jam in a sexual manner….but I may never be able to put on my jams without feeling a bit sticky for a split second!

    Oh, and you definitely get a gold star if I get any fruit preserve fetish searches lol!!!!

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