Its My Blog and I’ll Whine If I Want To

I’m sick. I have been sick for three weeks now but I only recently found out it was a bronchial infection. All I know is I would like to stop coughing sometime in the near future and before I wake up to find a lung on my pillow.

I could deal with that without whining but it is also my birthday next week. I love holidays, celebrations, and birthdays to the utmost. I love making fusses of people and letting them know I love them and appreciate them. I get excited about my own birthday though only as a theory. You see, I am invariably disappointed on my birthday. And then I get the bonus of feeling incredibly selfish for feeling disappointed.

This year has the potential to be ultra-crappy because my friends seem to have forgotten about it. Not in the devious “let’s pretend and then surprise her” kind of way either. And my family is just uninterested as they have their own issues right now. And I’m at a new workplace and they don’t know it is coming either. So it will pass just like any other day. Perhaps that is for the best.

And did I mention it is my twenty-ninth? Ugh. I am not impressed with that I can tell you. I’m not really hung up on the age part of it; it is more that I am just not where I want to be in my life nor where I ever thought I would be at that age. But hey, who ever is, right?Ā  It doesn’t help that something superly-amazingly-magnificently-fantastically awesome was supposed to happen in January but it appears it isn’t going to after all.Ā  It would have been a most excellent distraction to get me through the birthday blues.

Frankly I don’t know which is worse: not doing anything remotely special or trying to make it special and it being a disappointment or feeling forced? I am leaning towards the latter being more unappealing at the moment. I think I will try to ignore my birthday and maybe it will go away. I would also very much appreciate everyone else doing so as well.

If you are still reading, you deserve a gold star for putting up with that selfish ridiculous whining tripe!


~ by savasana on October 17, 2007.

13 Responses to “Its My Blog and I’ll Whine If I Want To”

  1. ‘Bronchial infection’ sounds horrible. Hope you get it sorted out and feel better soon.

    Now, when do I get my gold star?

  2. Ah you see, you need to read more carefully! I only said you “deserve a gold star” lol! And deserve it you do! No one should read that blather without something in return! I’ve run fresh out though so you will have to wait until my supply has been replenished.

  3. The infection does not sound like fun at all. I think my mom had that a few years back…it sucks, but you’ll get over it eventually.

    And you took your birthday down from The Sporum!! Now we can’t shower you with cake!! You must return the date to its proper location post haste.

  4. *Shells needs Savasana to have a very Sporum Birthday!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry you are feeling like a sicky sick sickie.

    Hey, I need a shiny ravelry button!

  5. Sav…if you don’t put the exact date back up, we will have no choice but do a week long celebration. šŸ˜›

    Get to feeling better too dangit. I don’t want you to have “the pee-new-moan-ee-er”. šŸ˜‰

  6. I have no idea what you guys are talking about.

  7. *Ketchup sends Sav some get well soon vibes and a bunch o’ hugs

  8. You guys are making it REALLY HARD to feel sorry for myself over here!!!>:(

  9. Hey, hope you are feeling better and I’m thinking we need to make a huge Birthday thread for you!! *Hugs* and get well soon!

  10. My last several birthdays were pretty lousy. Too much change. Too far from family who were sad/angry I’d left Canada in the first place. Not enough assertion of the fact that I care about my birthday so not enough people cared even once we got back to Canada… Not enough people like me (and you from the sounds of it) who make a fuss whether people admit they care or not… Then I said fuggit and invited two of my closest friends to do a “do-over” for my 30th birthday. We went out and had a wonderful dinner in a really nice restaurant in nice clothes with bottles of wine and three courses and dessert and then we went out dancing.

    We laughed with our waiter. We sang in the street. It was awesome. And now that is how I remember my 30th birthday – even though it happened quite a ways after my 30th birthday. I would probably have been just as happy walking with them in a book shop, drinking coffee, seeing a movie but I needed the do-over. It was important.

    I guess I’m writing this because I don’t like the idea of you letting the day pass, pretending you don’t care when you obviously do… Even if all you do is pick one friend and one day and go out and blow out a candle on a muffin or rent a movie or go shopping for some swishy birthday yarn (no mocking in that, by the way, I crochet and can fondle yarn with the best of them…) – just mark the moment somehow – celebrations don’t need to be big to be valuable and while do-overs are good, it’s nicer to just take care of yourself the first time round (wink).

    And, in case I miss it because I don’t actually know when it is: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

  11. Oh, and buy new pajamas to mark the day. Obviously (smile).

  12. LOL, thank you Sulya! It is actually tomorrow so not too late; even if it had been it was much appreciated!

    You are right. In fact I did receive an invitation to go out and celebrate Friday and I was still kind of leaning towards declining….and then I read your comment. You have entirely changed my mind. I am worth celebrating, and I do care. Fancy coffee, movies, bookstore and jam pants….here I come!

    Giant hugs for all of you guys….you are all fantastic and very much appreciated!!!

    And Sulya? May you never ever require another re-do! šŸ˜€

  13. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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