I am entirely enamoured with this yarn….

I couldn’t resist another trip to Needles & Pins (and again, excellent customer service)! I picked up some Koigu PPPM and it is some hand-painted deliciousness! I haven’t decided what to make out of it yet but I couldn’t resist knitting a couple of rows to see what it would come out like (ignore what appears to be unevenness, it is actually super-tiny and curling like mad from the stockinette stitch; it was a challenge to hold it down):

Koigu PPPM P125

And I am now in love! The colours are simply incredible. The only sad aspect is that whatever I do end up making can’t be worn by me (*kicks all sheep*). Hopefully I will find it a happy home however (oh the alliteration there lol!).


~ by savasana on October 9, 2007.

One Response to “I am entirely enamoured with this yarn….”

  1. Koigu is YUMMY! And it feels good too, nice drapey feel to it. I haven’t worked with it yet….but I plan to!

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