I finally have some weird blog search terms!  Snigs, you know how much I longed for some!  They aren’t as good as your cucumber fetish ones (will I get some now as well?!) but I’m still quite proud of them!

Of course I have many for Mr. Walt Whitman and his poem O Me! O Life!, and various sad arrangements and spellings of such.

I did have one search for other words for “savasana”.  “Savasana” is actually the name of the “corpse pose” in yoga.  The “corpse pose” is often done at the end of a group of asanas (poses) and is generally used for meditative purposes.

I am very happy to report that a couple of folks found their way here on a search for “car-singing”, which is a very worthwhile past-time I must say!

One person stumbled in with the following phrase, “life between birth and death”.  So um…..life basically, no?

Now the first one that actually made me laugh……”sweaty armpit man”.   Not sure if it was a specific sweaty pitted man they were looking for or the generic archetype.  Either way, I think they were disappointed when they landed here.  But I do have Snigs to thank for this one as I believe there was a sweaty armpit in one of her comments!

The last one was followed a week or two later by “sweater moaner screamer”.  How sad were they when they just found a pic of my sweater?  I’ll never know…..and I won’t tell which of those words apply to me lol!

And the most recent, and my absolute favourite:  “armpit fudge and more”.  And more?  Not just armpit fudge?  You would like armpit fudge and more?  If I came across armpit fudge I would stop there and specifically say “No more, thanks.”.

*sigh of satisfaction*

May they just keep coming and becoming all the more strange!


~ by savasana on September 25, 2007.

5 Responses to “Hooray!”

  1. *Kara giggles*

    Those are really good search terms. Armpit fudge huh? Oh too much to say, I’ll say nothing at all!

  2. That armpit fudge paragraph had me rolling on the floor – literally! My cat thinks I’m mental now =P.

  3. Ketchup…aren’t you? Aren’t we all? 😉

    Yes Sav, now folks should be able to find your blog when they search for cucumber fetishes. Even quicker if they search for sweaty, dead, armpit cucumber fetishes. You have arrived girlfriend!

    I must ask though, what the heck is armpit fudge? Gak!

  4. Shh… I’m in denial… LOL 😉

  5. So I stummbled upon this blog looking for the recipe for armpit fudge and couldn’t resist looking. FYI armpit fudge is fudge that kids make in a ziploc bag by squishing it under there armpit for the warmth. Kids actually have a great time with this.

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