101 Things You Likely Didn’t Want to Know About Sav: Third Installment

You can read the first installment here and the second installment here.

1. I blush incredibly easily.

2. I am a master procrastinator.

3. I have a tendency to be very competitive but when I recognize it, I try to fight it.

4. One day I would like to have my motorcycle license and a nice little Harley. It will be green of course.

5. Have I mentioned pajamas yet? Well I love them that much.

6. I don’t care about clothing labels etc. but my fave jam pants do come from Old Navy. They are inexpensive and ever so comfortable, and they have the best selection of patterns and colours. I shop from both the men’s and the women’s jam pants sections.

7. I learn languages fairly easily but my accent is so terrible that I generally refuse to speak them.

8. Much to the chagrin of my friends, I prefer to go to movies, eat out, shop, etc. alone.

9. I am a total anglophile; I adore all things British.

10. Chocolate over vanilla every time. Unless it is vanilla with hot fudge. Hot fudge overrides everything.

11. I have never been further south and west than KCMO, and I have never been outside of North America. If I ever have enough money I want to travel as much as possible to make up for this. I am an explorer at heart.

12. I love yoga.

13. Car-singing is on my list of favourite things to do but I rarely sing in front of others…I’m just not that into torturing others.

14. I have never been able to sleep more than an hour or two on Christmas Eve.

15. I often have a sense that something is missing but I can’t figure out what it is.

16. I grew up on a small farm with horses, goats, chickens, dogs, cats, and a rabbit or two but I was not raised in a barn. Or so I’ve been told repeatedly.

17. Mmmm……garlic.

18. I secretly wish I had a special talent. If I do it is very well hidden.

19. I am very hard to wake up in the morning. I have been known to carry on full conversations while still sleeping and will wake up with absolutely no recollection of it.

20. Almost every description of a Scorpio I’ve come across describes my personality.

21. I despise being late.

22. Three is my favourite number. I don’t know why I have a favourite number.

23. I would love to live in a little Victorian style cottage; I even have the houseplans picked out in case money begins falling from the sky.

24. Rollercoasters rock.

25. This installment was quite challenging. I may be discussing jams even more in the fourth installment.


~ by savasana on September 16, 2007.

7 Responses to “101 Things You Likely Didn’t Want to Know About Sav: Third Installment”

  1. These are very fun things to know about you!!

  2. Sav…I intend to comment more fully on this, but I’ve been procrastinating. 😉

    Actually, I’ve just been busy. I promise to fully comment ASAP.

  3. Ok, now I have time to respond properly (or I’m through procrastinating at least).

    I haven’t blushed properly since 1986.

    I’ve lived nearly 38 years without ever having been on a motorcyle and intend to continue the trend. I do love flying in small airplanes though, which is far more dangerous. Go figure, I’m weird. (Oh and I love roller coasters, especially if they do spiral corkscrew things or run upside down)

    I too would rather shop and go to the movies alone. I hate to eat alone though, although it would be better for me if I did- I never eat as much.

    The few times I tried yoga, I ended up feeling like a pretzel or a male walked in on me and threatened to take advantage of my current position. Hehehehe

    I sleep less now as a parent on Christmas Eve than I did as a kid. I fight the urge to go wake up my children at 2:00 a.m.

    I hate being late too. I hate it worse when other people are late. I figure if *I* can be on time, anybody can.

    And lastly…3 has always been my favorite number since I was little. I think because I was an only child and loved it, 3 represented me, Mom & Dad.

  4. Thank you for your full comment Snigs lol….b’cause you know I would send out my blog ninjas otherwise lol!

  5. If you need motorcycle lessons, I am your woman! I have my license and had a suzuki SV650S for awhile. I miss it!

    Also, years from now, if we find ourselves alone, I’ll go halvsies with you on that victorian cottage, we can be introverted, motorcycle riding q tips together and share the cost. Just that Riley has to be able to come visit every once in awhile. 🙂

  6. Its a deal chica lol! Hooray!!! We’ll have to get a sidecar for when Snigs visits…..unless she wants to ditch her man and join us…..

  7. Heh, depends on the mood at the moment. The man is almost always ditchable. 😉

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