I Have a Sweater!

Okay, perhaps not a whole sweater, but it is a start! I have two inches of the ribbing on the back portion done. This is my very first attempt at a sweater so it is just a very basic pattern with a v-neck. What I am perhaps most excited about is that the entire cost of the sweater, excluding my time of course, is $7.32. It is just a plain old cream acrylic yarn (I’m allergic to wool which makes me very sad) without even a dye lot. It is neither soft nor special. I will however wear my unsoft, unspecial, $7.32, hopefully not wonky, very first sweater with a great deal of pride!

As for my other projects, I am very nearly finished a scarf in a checkerboard pattern that is made with very special (and definitely more expensive) yarn. It is a gift but I am in love with it and it will consequently be very hard to part with when the time comes. I can only hope she will like it as much as I do! The baby blanket I am crocheting is coming along quite well also. I have until April so I am spending a bit less time on it. It is about six or seven inches along in an all over shell pattern (each row is staggered so there are no spaces for little fingers to get caught).

I would like to add that all of the above have been worked in my jams and not before 9:30am. I. Love. Vacation.



~ by savasana on September 6, 2007.

11 Responses to “I Have a Sweater!”

  1. I am so thrilled for you! (And super proud 😉 ) Don’t let those yarn snobs (like me) say a THING about your acrylic choice. On the other hand, when you get used to sweaters and want to try something new, I will introduce you to some lovely non wool, non acrylic, non cotton yarn choices that you will just die over! (bamboo yarn is wonderfully soft and silky and much easier to knit with than cotton!)

    Now, the digital camera is a must so we can see said sweater!

    *hugs* I am just so excited!!!

  2. Oh I entirely look forward to branching out lol!! I wanted something very inexpensive in case this experiment didn’t work (that and I will love to say my sweater was only $7.32!). I have come across the bamboo yarn and I have drooled! So expensive though….that will be for a luxury sweater for sure! And I adore alpaca yarn as well (which is what the scarf is).

    I will borrow a digital cam as soon as I have a more substantial bit of the sweater done as I am ridiculously proud of it lol!

    So bring on the yarn chica! Moar yarn!!!

    ETA* I decided to just throw it on the scanner for shits and giggles :P!

  3. It worked! Your stitches look nice and even for ribbing. My ribbing stitches are almost always wonky! Is it ribbed all the way or do you work more in stockinette?

  4. OK, NM, you already answered my question via PM. LOL I should learn to read and THEN respond.

  5. That is the end of the ribbing….I move on to stockinette after the increase row (which is next).

  6. Well you NM because I answered here too lol!!

  7. I have a sweater too! But I really wanted a moaner or screamer. Sigh.

    All jokes aside, it looks like a fantastic start Sav!

  8. ROFL!! Snigs, I don’t even have words lol!

  9. I has a sweater?

  10. As long as one size fits all and I get to pick the colour….then Kevin can has a sweater lol!

  11. Last I heard, Kevin wanted a mohair suit!

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