ZOMG I Met Sam Roberts!!

If you are Canadian, you may just happen to know how fantabulous this is!! My sis and I went to the concert this evening, and if we hadn’t been rear-ended on the way (hooray for car accidents!), we never would have been walking into the park at the same time as Mr Roberts and I never would have said, “Hey, that guy up there really looks like Sam Roberts!” and she never would have said “We should go and see.” and then we never would have walked even faster like the shameless stalkers that we are. Then he never would have hugged us, or shaken our hand, or had his picture taken with us!!! He has the firmest handshake and the most intense eyes I have ever seen. And very, very kind.

The music was just fantastic as well….they played for a couple of hours, and even kept going when it started to rain again (the concert was in a park). We were right at the stage and it felt like he was singing to me. There is not much that is more incredible than live music. It was definitely in my top three concert going experiences, right up there with Ben Harper and Coldplay.

And may I just add, on a completely superficial note, that he is just as utterly gorgeous in real life….

Sam Roberts


~ by savasana on August 6, 2007.

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