Present For Me!

I have been a bit melancholy (won’t go into details, don’t worry!) the past couple of days so despite my utter awareness and better judgement not to, I indulged in some retail therapy.  I finally broke down and bought an ipod.  I have wanted one for going to the gym for quite some time but the cost and frivolity allowed me to put it off.  Well no longer!  I picked out a 4GB ipod nano in a fantastic green.  And yes, the music will sound better because it is green!

 I have discovered however that I have an extensive collection of cds that must now be converted on the computer.  I suspect that I will be at this for days……..what a wonderful cure for melancholy!


~ by savasana on July 14, 2007.

2 Responses to “Present For Me!”

  1. Er… you mean you didn’t know you had an extensive collection of CDs?


  2. Good point! I suppose I mis-wrote; I should have used the word “realized” :P. It had not occurred to me just how much time it would take to transfer them all. I have put on one or two at a time before but never in such bulk. *shakes her head at her own silliness*

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