My Barbaric Yawp

I have decided to carve out my own tiny corner of the internet.  I have never blogged before but I have kept handwritten journals off and on for years.  I’ve been resistant to online writing simply due to my love of paper; the feel, the smell, the tangible aspect of it makes it very appealing.  I find myself online enough however that I can no longer resist the temptation to express myself in an electronic manner. 

 I am however also finding myself slightly resistant to a blog format for my thoughts as I find it a touch arrogant.  I mean, by exposing my writing to an audience, does it not require an assumption that folks will actually be willing to read it?  Does that not then imply that I consider myself worthy of an audience?  And frankly, I’m not sure my thoughts warrant that much assuming and implying, let alone actual readers.  I would feel badly indeed should folks happen by, see some writing that by its mere existence proclaims itself worthy of reading (because why would anyone write anything that others could read if they didn’t feel it worthy of such), then actually read it and discover that their time was wasted. 

 So, if you fall into the category of feeling your time has been wasted by reading my humble words and ramblings as I try to make sense of the world and my place in it, please know that I am aware I do not actually warrant an audience and please accept this as disclaimer against responsibility for your wasted and therefore lost time.  If you do not fall into this category, I must ask, surely you must have something better to do?


~ by savasana on July 8, 2007.

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